Advantages and model selection of impact crusher

Advantages and model selection of impact crusher

The unique advantages and model selection of the impact crusher

The impact crusher is a new crusher developed by the manufacturer of the impact crusher based on the introduction of foreign advanced crusher technology from Austria and other countries, combined with the specific structural conditions of the domestic sandstone industry. The impact crusher production line equipment utilizes the instantaneous impact crushing force, and the sand and gravel material entering the stone breaker cavity is crushed by the huge instantaneous impact force.

The impact crusher production line has high crushing capacity, large crushing ratio and low energy consumption. It is widely used in modern large-scale mining and crushing stone production processes. The production line is often equipped with dust-removing and environmental protection devices, which avoids waste of raw material resources. On the one hand, it conforms to the development principle of environmental protection.

Impact crushers are commonly used in second and third stage, fine crushing operations. In order to ensure that the shape of the product is cubic, the manufacturer of the impact crusher recommends that the material loading particle size is 100-500mm, and the size should not exceed 500mm. If it is too small, the crushing effect is not obvious, and the mill can be used directly to achieve a smaller product. Granularity. For the discharge particle size, the user can adjust the gap between the crusher hammer and the impact crusher plate hammer as needed to control the particle size.

As a manufacturer of counter crush crushers for the production of crushing equipment and wear-resistant materials in the mining machinery industry, Shanghai Shibang's crushers have many unique advantages.

First of all, the company has accumulated many years of experience in the research and production of wear-resistant materials. The wearing parts such as rotors and hammers are made of special metal, which can fully meet the customer's requirements for the machine replacement cycle. We also have great advantages in terms of production capacity: The large processing capacity of the impact crusher manufacturer can reach 1000t/h; in terms of finished product quality: the finished prismatic surface area of our company's impact crusher is large, and the finished pellet shape is crystal, which is a good building for high-rise buildings and dams. Building materials.

Due to the huge advantages of impact crusher in material crushing and the huge demand for impact crusher in the field of mining construction, the models of impact crushers are also emerging in the market, and more and more manufacturers of impact crushers. So how do you distinguish and choose what is right for your production?

At present, the PF series and PFW series of impact crushers are common in the market. The impact crusher manufacturers have different in the rotor structure, machine adjustment clearance, impact crusher discharge granularity and transmission part. The structural design makes them different in terms of production performance, feed line size and production line power. Counter-type crushers with different model specifications can handle different types of sand crushing processing. Counter-type crusher manufacturers Shanghai Shibang will configure different types of impact crushers according to the output of customers to meet the production needs of customers.

In order to comply with the national environmental protection, energy saving, low-carbon sustainable development requirements, the high efficiency and low consumption of the impact crusher has become the pursuit goal of counter-attacking manufacturers. Counter-crusher manufacturers will tell them the basic performance of a model impact crusher when they purchase. According to the ore raw materials to be processed, the user should select the impact crusher equipment suitable for the ore material to achieve efficient crushing operation and obtain good economic benefits.

Under normal circumstances, the production of small impact crushers can reach 50 to 100 tons, while medium impact crushers can reach 100 to 200 tons. The output of large impact crushers is even larger. It is very good for meeting the production of cement plants and gravel production lines with large output.

For ordinary hardness of stone materials, a counter-crushing crusher can handle the particle size required for crushing large ore once to the grinding, thus replacing the two-stage crushing process required by the traditional crushing stone production line, simplifying the crushing process and improving At the same time of production, it also saves the production costs of the production users and harvests large profits.