Impact Crusher Structure Material

Impact Crusher Structure Material

The structural material of the impact crusher determines its superior performance. With its high performance characteristics and unique technical advantages, the impact crusher has been praised by domestic and foreign customers. The impact crusher breaks the material by impact, and adjusts the particle size of the discharge by adjusting the gap between the counterattack and the hammer. The particle shape is good and uniform, and the overload protection device effectively avoids the generation of unbreakable materials such as iron blocks. damage.

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Structural features of the impact crusher

What are the structural characteristics of the impact crusher? What are the great advantages of other impact crusher manufacturers?

First of all, the impact crusher is divided into two types, single rotor and double rotor, according to the number of rotors, which are suitable for the crushing of different materials. The structure of single rotor is relatively simple, mainly composed of frame, rotor, hammer head, etc. It adopts integrated cast steel structure, which is of high quality, durable and easy to install. It also has a special chain for the feeding port. The curtain prevents accidents from flying out of the machine during the crushing process; the double rotor is equivalent to two single-rotor impact crushers used in series, one rotor for coarse crushing and the second rotor for fine crushing. The two rotors are respectively rotated by the two motors through the elastic coupling, the hydraulic coupling and the trapezoidal belt at the same speed, which improves the crushing ratio and the output, and ensures the uniformity of the product granularity.

We also use a multi-stage counter-attack cavity to ensure that there is enough crushing space and large pieces of material can be broken. The bulk material is kinetic energy obtained by the rotation of the rotor part, and the staged counter-attack cavity and the second-stage counter-attack cavity are crushed step by step, which can not only achieve the required discharge granularity, but the step-by-step crushing effectively reduces the energy consumption during the crushing.

Impact Crusher Advantages

The structure of the impact crusher is integrated, which effectively reduces the civil construction cost, requires low motor power, low long-term running cost, and the finished particles are mostly cubic, without tension and crack, and the shape is uniform.

The main wearing parts of the impact crusher are made of high manganese steel or other wear-resistant materials, which can withstand high impact crushing force and greatly prolong the service life. The impact force on the impact crusher is sharply increased, forcing the drawbar bolt to compress the spherical washer, so that the non-crushed material is discharged, which ensures the safety of the whole machine. The gap between the hammer head and the impact crusher is changed to control the particle size range of the crushed product; the hammer head and the rotor are more and more tight, the work is relatively reliable, and the utility model has the advantages of quick loading and unloading and multiple transposition.

The impact crusher is equipped with a multi-functional hydraulic station, which has hydraulic high-speed discharge gap, stable anti-vibration of the counter-plate and automatic opening of the body, etc. It is convenient to adjust, effectively control the discharge granularity and good particle shape.