Maintenance Work For The Crushing Line

Maintenance Work For The Crushing Line

An efficient, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly production line depends not only on high-quality crushing equipment, but also on the good connection and cooperation between the various equipments. In order to maintain efficient and stable working conditions, daily maintenance and repair work must be done.

Operational precautions

After the crushing production line equipment is ready for work, it should be operated in the prescribed driving sequence. There are five aspects to be aware of:

  1. 1. When starting the main motor, pay attention to the ammeter on the control cabinet. After the peak current of 30-40s is started, the current will drop to the normal working current value.
  2. 2. During normal operation, it should also be noted that the current should not exceed the specified value for a long time.
  3. 3. After the jaw crusher is in normal operation, the feeder can be started, and the belt of the feeder is adjusted to change the feeding amount according to the size of the block and the operation of the jaw crusher. Usually, the material stacking height in the crushing chamber is more than 2/3 of the height of the crushing chamber. The diameter of the block should not exceed 50%-60% of the width of the feed port, at which time the jaw crusher has a higher production capacity. When the block is larger, it will cause blockage and affect normal production.
  4. 4. It is necessary to strictly prevent metal objects (such as shovel teeth, track shoes, drill bits, etc.) from entering the crusher to avoid damage to the machine. When they pass the jaw crusher, they should immediately notify the next position operator and take it out in time to prevent entry. The second-stage crusher system caused an accident.
  5. 5. When the electrical equipment is automatically tripped, if the cause is unknown, it is strictly forbidden to continuously start the crushing equipment.

Maintenance points

In the crushing line, the higher frequency of use is the crushing equipment. In order to ensure high production efficiency and long service life, the production line manufacturers must do maintenance work.

Bearing maintenance of crushing equipment

The bearing parts of the crushing equipment are relatively easy to damage, so it is necessary to add lubricating oil and grease frequently to ensure the service life of the bearing.

Daily maintenance of the crushing equipment

In order to ensure that the crushing equipment is in a good technical state, reduce the downtime, improve the integrity rate and utilization rate, it must be regularly maintained or even forced. The relationship between maintenance and repair should not be properly maintained. Not raising.

Lubrication and maintenance of crushing equipment

Always pay attention to and timely lubrication of the friction surface to ensure the normal operation of the crushing equipment. The grease added to the housing is 50-70% of the volume and must be replaced every three months. For example, use clean gasoline or kerosene to carefully clean the runway of the bearing roller.

Maintenance of the production line during the running-in period

The connection and cooperation of equipment on the sand and gravel production line is very important. When users purchase the production line equipment and put it into normal use, they need a long running-in period. For example, if the synchronization cannot be achieved in the feeding and conveying process, It is prone to blockage, or the radiation range is too wide, which seriously affects the efficiency of the production line and causes some harm to the equipment.

In order to catch up with the construction period, most users neglect some small parts that should be paid attention to during the running-in period, or overload the machine for a long time, leading to frequent failures in the early stage, which not only affects the normal use of the machine, shortens the service life, but also The destruction of the machine affected the progress of the project.

Safety production system

    Conduct a comprehensive safety production inspection on the crushing production line process every month, conduct a summary analysis of the inspection results, formulate corrective measures, and write a written material for the safety department to review.
  1. The workshop team conducts regular safety inspections, reports problems to the leaders and professional departments in a timely manner, promptly organizes the treatment, and never allows "sick" operations to ensure the safety of the complete equipment of the crushing production line.
  2. For the electrical installations, crushing machinery, transportation tools, protective equipment and other special equipment, supplies and important places of the production line, the safety management department and professional and technical personnel are required to carry out special inspections every year. The problems found in the inspection should be written in written materials, documented for reference, and resolved within a time limit to ensure safe production.
  3. Conduct seasonal inspections on rain, lightning, anti-heatstroke, anti-freeze, anti-skid, etc., and take appropriate protective measures in a timely manner.
  4. During the holidays, professional safety management personnel must be on duty to carry out safety inspections, and at the same time, a certain number of safety and security personnel should be equipped to carry out safety and security work.