Construction Waste Crusher Manufacturing

Construction Waste Crusher Manufacturing

Construction waste crushing machinery

Many customers ask whether there are any machines that can handle construction waste well, do not occupy land, have low cost, and do not pollute the environment. It is recommended to understand the "environmental mobile construction waste crusher" and move the car to move flexibly. Construction waste that is nowhere to be used is at its best.

Environmentally friendly mobile construction waste crusher

Environmentally friendly mobile construction waste crusher? Various types, complete different finished product needs. Who is the environmentally friendly mobile construction waste crusher? It is also called mobile construction shredder, vehicle-mounted construction waste crusher. Because of its performance advantages, users and friends have made a lot of nicknames. Since the market debut, it has become a variety of stone materials such as construction waste, cobblestone, bluestone and coal. A good assistant for middle, medium and small operations.

The environmentally-friendly mobile construction waste crusher, like its name, is a one-piece structural equipment. One piece of equipment is like a complete production line. It consists of a feeder, a pulverizer, a circular vibrating screen, a conveyor, etc. It is built separately to deal with the construction waste once, and the crushing equipment can be flexibly matched to meet the needs of different finished products.

Common mobile construction waste crusher

Specifically, it can be reasonably selected according to the requirements of finished product grain size, output, site conditions, etc., or click on the online consultation. The manufacturer has a professional one-to-one guide for free.

Environmentally-friendly mobile construction waste crusher, mobile vehicle-style flexible position, make the best use of it. Green and environmental protection: The environmentally-friendly mobile construction waste crusher strengthens the sealing of the fuselage in the process of handling construction waste. It is equipped with a dust collecting and noise-eliminating device, which can collect dust particles and have low noise. At the same time, there is a spray device on the job site. , easy to achieve green production.

Flexible walking position: the walking hormone, the mobile car type is directly driven to the job site by the car, can take the detour, climb the slope, move the position flexibly, realize the free transition, the angle of the conveyor can also be adjusted, no need to piling, simple work After the position adjustment, it can be put into production quickly, with a small footprint, suitable for a variety of occasions, high efficiency and large output.

Make the best use of the product: the PLC control system and intelligent control technology are added to the design, which saves time and effort. After the construction waste is broken, screened and separated in a short time, scraps such as brick, stone and concrete can be used directly as aggregate. Foundations, road cushions and new walls, etc., and scrap steel, scrap iron wire, waste wire and other metals, after sorting, re-fired, turned waste into treasure, and make the best use of it.