Construction Waste Crusher Production Site

Construction Waste Crusher Production Site

Speaking of the history of construction waste crusher, it is not far away. Since the crushing equipment was born, it has been developed. Nowadays, the production technology of construction waste crusher is quite mature. With its application range in various fields, it is the corner of the industry. The corner falls.

The professional name of construction waste crusher is called construction waste crusher. It is small in size, large in crushing ratio, capable of crushing quartz stone, pebbles, or finely crushing iron ore. It is very common in construction, water conservancy, chemical industry, electric power, etc. The styling makes it a lot of criticism, not like a crusher, but don't deny it. Although it seems to be benevolent, you will be truly impressed by its performance and use.

Briefly introduce the construction waste crusher:

1. It can be understood from the video that the feed particle size of the construction waste crusher during operation is less than or equal to 30 mm;

2, enter between the two rollers, gravity crushing, the finished material is discharged from the discharge port at the lower end of the equipment, the discharge granularity is in the range of 2-10mm, which can be adjusted at will;

3. The processing capacity of a single device reaches about 110t/h per hour.

Customer construction waste crusher production site

1. Simple structure and easy adjustment

It consists of a roller, a roller support bearing, a pressing and adjusting device, and a driving device. A wedge or washer adjustment device is arranged between the two rollers to flexibly adjust the discharge granularity.

2, the granularity is cube-shaped, high usage rate

The broken product has a cubic shape with a low needle-like content and a fine grain size.

3, a wide range of applications, processing a variety of materials

It can work on medium and fine crushing of medium and hard ore, limestone, granite and weathered rock in water conservancy, construction and chemical industries.

4, low noise, less dust

The machine body uses advanced high-quality steel, with its own sound insulation effect, the crushed material can be sprayed, the moisture does not exceed 10%, and the dust is effectively reduced.

Construction waste crusher price

In the market, the price of small construction waste crushers is generally between tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands. It is not very expensive. We are facing the national and even foreign markets. The sales method has always been the ex-factory price, the price is reasonable, and the quality is guaranteed. The construction waste crusher will increase in price according to the output quantity of the equipment. The detailed equipment price can be obtained by clicking online consultation.