Construction Waste Crusher

Construction Waste Crusher

Reconstruction of Old City, Construction of New Village, Expansion of Factory Building, Construction and Renovation of Commercial Housing. With the continuous development of urban construction, the generation of a large amount of construction waste has become a difficult and difficult point for environmental governance. In recent years, the city’s relevant departments have stepped up the management of construction waste, but the phenomenon of random stacking of construction waste still exists. As an important part of the building and building materials industry to achieve circular economy, it is extremely urgent to vigorously carry out the recycling, regeneration and utilization of construction waste.

It is understood that there are many hidden dangers even if there are landfills: First, it causes serious environmental pollution. Construction plastics, paints, and paints used in construction wastes are not only difficult to biodegrade high molecular polymer materials, but also contain harmful heavy metal elements. Buried underground will cause groundwater pollution and directly endanger the lives of surrounding residents. The second is to destroy the soil structure and cause surface settlement. After the garbage is landfilled for 8 meters, 2 meters of soil is buried, but it is almost impossible to grow vegetation on the soil. The surface of the landfill will cause subsidence and subsidence. It takes a long time to reach a stable state. Source governance can be less but inescapable.

Construction Waste Processing Equipment

The construction waste processing equipment produced by our company includes mobile crushing stations, mobile screening stations and other equipment. After efficient separation, crushing, shaping, and efficient screening of construction waste, it “spitting up” coarse aggregate and fine bone of construction waste. The materials can be directly used, and can also be used for the production of permeable bricks, hydraulic bricks, permeable concrete, dry mortar and wall materials, etc., and are widely used in roads, municipal roads, water treatment and housing construction.

At this stage, when we deal with the construction waste, we mainly use it after the construction waste has been recycled and treated, and we use it in the pavement base and foundation packing, as well as the production of concrete bricks and concrete blocks. Therefore, we need to introduce a more efficient construction waste crusher and apply it effectively.

The current screening machines and crushers all have certain processing capabilities. However, because of the heavy and bulky equipment and the large overall size, it is difficult to integrate them on a single platform, and it is difficult to satisfy the basic requirements for mobile crushers. Therefore, construction waste crusher with light weight and small external dimensions should be developed to ensure more convenient and flexible disposal of construction waste.

When dealing with construction waste, there is a large amount of powder layer in the air due to large noise and bad environment, and the equipment will threaten the safety of workers at high speed. When dealing with construction waste, the participation of workers should be reduced as much as possible, so as to increase the degree of automation of the equipment. This will become an important device for the treatment of construction waste.

The construction waste crusher develops from the perspective of diverse tasks. In order to be able to better recycle construction waste, we will more stringently require recycling technology, especially those recycled aggregate materials. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a more appropriate construction waste treatment equipment, which has the ability to remove and crush construction waste, ensure that these recycled aggregates can be handled better, and continue to improve the performance of recycled aggregate.