Impact Crusher Gear Damage Cause

Impact Crusher Gear Damage Cause

What are the reasons for damage to large buildings with impact gears?

Gears are important transmission components for large buildings. The improper operation in production will cause damage to the gears. What are the reasons for the damage of large buildings with impact gears?

1. Overload operation. If a large building uses a counter-attack for a long time to overload, the generated force of the crushed material is large. If there is no proper protection method, it will cause the gear teeth to wear or even break, or counter-attack to break the long-term overload operation, which will lead to the root. Cracks are generated locally.

2. There are impurities in the equipment. When large buildings use unbreakable objects in the broken crushing chamber, such as iron blocks and other impurities, although the spring safety device has a certain protective effect, when the iron is frequently or bitten by a large block, the spring is often caused. Failure, resulting in damage to other parts of the body, especially gear damage.

3. The equipment transmission method is improper. The transmission form of the large building with counter-attack is a rigid connection. The asynchronous motor is rigidly connected with the impact crusher gear shaft through the elastic coupling. When the counter-attack breaks over iron or overload, it is easy to cause damage to the large and small impact gears.

4. The gears are not properly meshed. Poor gear meshing is also an important cause of damage to the broken cone teeth. If the gear meshing is not good, the flank clearance and the tip clearance are not within the specified range, which may cause the gear to be damaged in a short time.

5. The gear is not properly lubricated. If the lubricating oil used in the counter-shock gear lubrication of large buildings does not meet the equipment requirements, the viscosity of the oil is not suitable, or the lubricating oil has deteriorated, etc., which will affect the lubrication condition of the gears. The Impact crusher gear lubrication is not good and will accelerate the damage of the gears.

6, there are debris between the gears. In production, we should pay attention to check whether there is any debris in the counter-attack between the large and small gears, because if there are any debris, it will affect the operation of the large building with the counter-shock and the meshing between the gears, causing damage to the gears and even making The device has a serious fault.