Impact Crusher Hammer

Impact Crusher Hammer

Solve the phenomenon of hammer hair heat in the impact crusher

When the hammer of the impact crusher is working, the phenomenon of heat generation will have a great impact on the production process. Here is a question on how to solve this phenomenon.

For the impact crusher, the hammer plays a more important role in the work, and it is an important part of the material crushing, but the part is prone to heat in the production. Here is to introduce How to solve the phenomenon of heat generation, make it run normally, and realize the crushing process of materials.

To solve the fever phenomenon of the hammerhead, we must first find out the cause of this phenomenon, and then we can solve it in a targeted manner. Generally speaking, it is mainly the following two aspects:

1. The lubrication is unreasonable, so we need to maintain regular lubrication, which can reduce the friction force of the hammer in the production, and thus reduce the heat generated by the friction. If it is not in production, the hammer of the impact crusher will not be used for a long time. When the lubricating agent is added, the frictional resistance increases due to the increase of the frictional resistance, so the lubrication is very important. When lubricating, it is necessary to quantitatively quantify and ensure the qualification of the lubricating oil. In addition, counterattack Excessive oiling of the crusher can also lead to excessive temperature. Therefore, we need to follow the manufacturer's instructions for lubrication. When selecting the lubricant, we must consider not only the model of the equipment, but also the local weather and temperature. This will ensure a good lubrication effect;

2. If the hammer of the impact crusher itself has serious wear or other problems, the temperature will be too high. At this time, it needs to be repaired or replaced according to the wear condition to ensure its good working condition and smooth the equipment. Running

The article mainly introduces how to solve the problem of hammer hair heat in the impact crusher. The above introduction to this problem is more detailed, mainly in two aspects, lubrication and wear. The above two aspects are detailed. The introduction, lubrication, not only to ensure the periodicity of lubrication, but also to ensure the right amount of oil, and then the wear of the hammer, so in actual use, you need to pay attention to the choice of lubricant, and the repair of the hammer And replacement, in order to ensure the working state of the impact crusher, so that it can smoothly complete the production process of the material.