Iron Ore Beneficiation Plant Process

Iron Ore Beneficiation Plant Process

Iron ore is mainly used for the production of steel. Natural iron ore needs to be gradually selected from iron and steel through a series of processes such as crushing, grinding, magnetic separation and flotation. China's iron ore resources are abundant, but most of them belong to lean iron ore. There are very few rich ore, and the iron ore has a fine grain size and is difficult to be used for ore dressing. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a reasonable iron ore processing process, reduce the cost of mineral processing and expand the scale of iron ore beneficiation production.

Iron ore crusher plant application

Application Of Jaw Crusher for Marble Crushing In theory, any compound containing iron ore or iron ore can be called; Jaw crusher series products are widely used in mining, building, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry, etc.the product material granularity and the rational structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, economic operation, etc, broken does not exceed 320 mpa compressive strength of various materials. Iron compounds are in a state exists in nature, particularly in the amount of iron present in the state of impurities but particularly.

Magnetic separator

Magnetic separation is applied in the beneficiation plant industry, especially the beneficiating ores of iron, columbium and tantalum, and tungsten, both for extraction of values from ore and for separation of different valuable minerals recovered from complex ores. Separation is based on differences in magnetic permeability and is effective in handling materials not normally considered magnetic.

Flotation is a iron ore beneficiation plant process by which the addition of chemicals to a crushed ore-water slurry causes particles of one mineral or group of minerals to adhere to air bubbles. When air is forced through the slurry, the rising bubbles carry with them the particles of the mineral(s) to be separated from the matrix.