Potassium Feldspar Mill Model

Potassium Feldspar Mill Model

What is the most suitable mill for grinding potassium feldspar?

With the continuous development of science and technology, the use of potassium feldspar is becoming more and more extensive. The demand for potassium feldspar in the industries of traditional ceramics and enamel glaze, glass flux and abrasives will inevitably increase greatly, especially the potassium-based technology to produce potassium-magnesium-silicon compound fertilizer and The huge potential demand for potassium feldspar powder and other products has made K-feldspar deep development and has broad prospects. The processing of potassium feldspar in the industry requires the selection of a suitable mill model and suitable mill equipment. Different potassium feldspar mill equipment has different effects on the production of finished potassium feldspar powder.

In terms of supply, potassium is also commonly referred to as feldspar, a potassium-oxygen tetrahedron of alkali or alkaline earth metal composed of a framework of potassium, sodium, calcium and silicate minerals. The color is light red, light yellow or grayish white, which is a water-insoluble potassium resource. China's potassium feldspar mine is rich in resources. According to the statistics of domestic authoritative consulting institutions, there are more than 60 domestic potassium feldspar mine resources, with reserves of about 7.914 billion tons. From the market point of view, according to the market research results of China's authoritative consulting institutions, from January to August 2010, China's potassium feldspar industry sales revenue reached 116.9 billion yuan, an increase of 24.9%. In 2009, China's potassium feldspar industry sales revenue reached 143.3 billion yuan, an increase of 12.8%. It can be seen from the above data that the demand for K-feldspar in China is relatively high in the future, especially the high-quality K-feldspar, which is not only widely used, but also has a large amount of use.

K-feldspar milling equipment model selection:

Industrial demand for potassium feldspar micropowder is relatively large, especially high-fine, high-quality potassium feldspar powder. The high-quality potassium feldspar powder is mainly expressed in the following points: 1. The fineness of the potassium feldspar powder is high. 2. The whiteness of potassium feldspar powder is good. 3. Potassium feldspar micro-powder has uniform fineness and high pass rate. The processing of K-feldspar micropowder capable of meeting the above criteria first requires the selection of a suitable K-feldspar micropowder device.

In the industry, the ultra-fine mill of our Machinery is often used to process potassium feldspar to obtain high-quality potassium feldspar powder. Ultra-fine grinding machine is a high-fineness, high-passage grinding equipment specially developed for various ore fine powders. This equipment can be used not only to process K-feldspar powder, but also to process calcite, limestone, Calcium carbonate, pyrophyllite and other ore fine powder. The processing has high fineness (up to 3000 mesh) and wide adjustment range. The minimum fineness can be processed to 300 mesh, and the adjustment range is 300-3000 mesh, which can meet the fineness requirements of most ore fine powder practitioners for mineral powder. In addition, another major advantage of the equipment is the high pass rate of the processing. The general material passes through up to D97, like 400 mesh talcum powder, and the gypsum powder passes our test pass rate up to D100. This technical index has reached the forefront of domestic milling equipment, which is a strong proof of the performance of our company's ultra-fine grinding equipment. Potassium feldspar mill is a handy tool for the processing of potassium feldspar. The processed potassium feldspar powder can be used not only in the ceramic industry, but also in the coatings industry. It is very versatile.