Kaolin Processing Plant Machinery

Kaolin Processing Plant Machinery

Kaolin is the necessary material for mining, papermaking, chemical properties, rubber, and medicines and so on. To process kaolin, the Raymond mill is suitable for the production line. It can grind the materials into fine powder size for further application.

Kaolin Application

Pure kaolin has high white degree and it is soft and easy to disperse suspended in the water. It has good plasticity and high caking property. The excellent electrical insulating performance and good resistance to acid soluble decide that it has wide application. Therefore, kaolin has become the necessary material in papermaking, ceramics, rubber, chemical industry, paint, and medicine and defense industries. There are two main areas, one is in the process of paper (or writing) use of packing, and the other one is used in the process of surface coating of paint.

Kaolin Processing Plant Machinery for Sale:

As a manufacturer and supplier, SBM has produced the high efficient Raymond mill for the kaolin processing plant machinery for sale. The Raymond mill roller will rightly be on the ring rolling under the action of centrifugal force. The shovel knife scoops up kaolin to grinding roller and grinding ring in the middle. Kaolin clay under the action of ground pressure will be broken into powder, and then the fan put into powder under the action of kaolin to blow through the analysis of machine, to achieve the requirements of the fineness of kaolin powder through analysis machine.

Working Features of Kaolin Processing Plant Machinery

  1. Raymond mill has vertical structure and it covers small area. With strong systemic, it has formed an independent production system from the rough kaolin processing to delivery to the flour and final packaging;
  2. Compared with other grinding mill, this kaolin processing plant machinery has 99% sieve rate;
  3. The transmission device adopts the closed gear box and pulley and it is stable and reliable operation;
  4. Adopting high quality castings and material manufacturing, this grinding mill can guarantee the durability of the whole equipment;
  5. New type Raymond mill has started international industrial grinding area with high efficiency, low energy consumption.